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Ask how much would it cost to rent a 10 truck from Texas to baton rouge,la.

How much will it be to move from TX to LA?

Asked by Antoinette on 12/30/2017 under category Moving Truck Rental

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Hello, and thanks for contacting with your question about renting a 10' box truck!

The price for truck rental will be different depending on the company you choose to rent from as well as the pick-up and drop-off locations. Luckily, there are plenty of options for moving long distance that can complement any budget.

Book your truck offers up to 10% off a Budget Truck rental in 2,800 locations! When you are ready to book your truck, visit our truck rentals page, and click SAVE NOW! Budget Truck Rental is a competitive, low-cost moving solution.

You might also be interested in our guide on comparing the cost of hiring full-service movers.

Thank you for contacting with your question about truck rental!

Kelly Martini
Answered on 1/2/2018

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