Can I send dry goods and sauces with my international boxes?

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Can I ship dry goods and sauces with my overseas shipment?

Im scheduled to move to Italy. Can I ship dry goods such as rice, spices and cooking sauces with my shipment?

Asked by Doug on 4/29/2018 under category International Moving

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Hi, and thank you for contacting with your question about shipping dry goods to Italy!

Use these general guidelines for shipping store bought foods:

  • Foods must be in the original packaging -- sealed and not tampered with in any way.
  • Food label must list all ingredients.
  • Foods must have a shelf life of longer than 6 months from the date of shipping.

Your moving company will need to declare all food through customs and quarantine. At, we have an extensive network of international moving services so you can find a reliable company near you to pack, crate, and transport your shipment safely overseas.

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Kelly Martini
Answered on 4/30/2018

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