Gun Safe move, how much would this cost?

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Gun Safe move

I need a gun safe moved from one end of town to the other, are you able to help with this?

Asked by Jessica on 11/24/2017 under category Moving Labor

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Hello, and thank you for visiting! To move your gun safe locally, you should hire small movers.

Small moves
Small movers are moving companies that handle shipments under the usual 2,000-pound minimum required for standard commercial van lines. Small movers will move even just one item to a new location in addition to providing packing and wrapping services for protection.

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To get started comparing free quotes from small movers near you, fill out our simple quote form! You will then be contacted by up to seven reliable small moving services in your area that can handle your move.

Thank you again for contacting, and good luck on your future moves!

Michael Meerovich
Answered on 11/28/2017

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