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How Much Should I Tip My Movers?

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While tipping the moving company is not mandatory, it is very much appreciated. Tipping a moving company is very much like tipping your waiter or waitress at a restaurant. If you were satisfied with the service you received, you may feel more inclined to tip 15 or even 20 percent, whereas if your waiter or waitress was rude and inattentive, you’ll want to tip much less than 20 percent. While the two have very similar concepts, you should never tip a mover based on a percentage of the overall cost to move this can be a costly approach when it comes to a long-distance move.  

What to Consider:
When it comes to tipping the movers, there are many factors that can affect how much you tip the moving crew.
1.  Total cost of the move
2.  How long the move took
3.  The amount of work the crew did
4.  How well the crew worked
5.  How satisfied you were with the move 
Depending on the level of satisfaction in these categories, the tip amount will increase or decrease. Moving someone into a home is typically not a one-man job. Usually, there are two or three in a crew helping you move into your new home, but you don’t have to give each mover the same tip, especially if one mover is doing much more work than his or her partner.

Also take into consideration how your items arrived at their destination. Is anything missing or damaged? If not and everything arrived on time in one piece, you should consider supplying the movers with a higher tip.

How Much Do I Tip?
When it comes to tipping, there really is no magic number. However, setting the minimum at $20 for an eight-hour move is a good rule of thumb. Remember to tip each crew member directly. If you hand the tip to the supervisor, he may distribute the tip as he sees fit or even keep it all for himself.   

Moving Day

Tip Per Person

Half-day move (approx. 4 hours)


Full-day move (8 hours)


12 Hour move


** These prices are just suggestions so use your discretion. You can always tip more based on your level of satisfaction.

Food and Refreshments:
A good moving crew works very hard and long hours, whether it’s freezing and raining or it’s a scorching hot day. Be courteous by supplying your movers with lunch and ice-cold drinks. This either takes the place of tipping or it can be in addition. Offer to pick up sandwiches for the crew that way they can pick what they want, and it is still affordable to you. Another way you

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Answered on 5/3/2018

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