need smallest truck to move possible.

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need smallest truck to move

moving from ca to nc .need a small and cheapest way

Asked by Ann on 2/8/2018 under category Auto Transport

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Hello, and thank you for contacting us with your question regarding truck size. "What size truck do I need?" is a question we often get here at, and I'd be happy to help. Use these guidelines as a reference:

  • 12' = studio apartment
    *Generally, 10' or 12' box trucks should only be used for local moves.*
  • 14' = 1 bedroom apartment
  • 16' or 17' = 1-2 bedrooms (big apartment/small home)
  • 20' = townhouse or generic single family
  • 22'+ = larger homes

If you are unsure if your items will fit, always opt for a larger size vehicle. If you aren't trained as a mover, defer to a larger size as well. Moving companies are trained to maximize the space used, but your friends and family are not. Consider using a moving labor company to pack your truck!

Hire help
Moving laborers provide all the services of a full service moving company without providing transportation.  When you are ready to hire your helpers, just enter your information into our online quote form. On the second page, add the details of the service. You'll instantly be matched with moving labor companies in your area. You can even book your helpers, and pay online!

Thank you again for your question, I hope this information is helpful. Good luck with your move!

Kelly Martini
Answered on 2/9/2018

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