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Four apps that will help make your move stress free!

In today's age, cell phones are everything. They are smart; they take great pictures; they play games; they even talk back. So why shouldn't you be utilizing this wonderful technology when it comes to relocation?

Here are some apps that can help you out on a move!


TaskRabbit allows you to post what you need help with, and then you can choose a "Tasker" to complete those assignments. For example, you can hire a "Tasker" to repair an appliance, clean your bathroom, disassemble furniture, and even (you guessed it) pack all your stuff up to move!

It is available on iOS and Android; the service is available in most major cities.


Sortly lets you keep track of the items are in each box by printing QR codes for labeling. It syncs data across all devices as a back-up (in case you lose a label in transit).

It is an iOS app only. The free version contains most of the features you need. However, the Plus version costs $4.99/monthly and can be canceled any time.

Magic Plan

This app allows you to digitally rearrange furniture in your home or plan future DIY projects. It connects drawing software to your phone to create a floor plan. Just aim your phone's camera at the corner, and the basic room plan is saved. Afterwards, you can use it to view the space in 3D or generate job estimates.


Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood and local community. It’s a great way for you to chat with other residents! Use it to get the word out about break-ins, organize a watch group, find a good babysitter, or just getting to know your neighbors better. 

What apps have you used to help with moving? Tell us in the comments below!

How to Make Your New Year Resolution Stick

At this point, it is pretty cliché to talk about new year resolutions. Only 8% of people will keep resolutions without falling back into the same old habits. In reality, it takes a while to truly re-imagine yourself. However, there are ways to help some of your new year resolutions stick... possibly forever.

Pick the right resolution

Everyone is different; no one will keep up a resolution that doesn’t click with them. Picking the right resolution is key to making them stick! The main issue is when resolutions are too vague, so use a formula call SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound). When its specific, you are able to focus on just that. When it is measurable, you will be able to see progress. When it is achievable, you know what the finish line will look like. When it is relevant, it applies to your daily life. When it is time-bound, you give yourself a time limit to work hard to get it done.

Create a plan

You won’t wake up one day and say, "I figured it out!" You need to create a plan that will break your bad habits and form new, good habits. A good example of this is going off a three-part system of Cue, Routine, Reward. For example, your bad habit is checking Facebook too much. Cue: “I feel lonely.” The routine is checking Facebook, and the reward is feeling connected. There is always a way to change the behavior. Instead of checking Facebook, talk to someone you're close to -- whether it be your mom, a colleague, or a friend. 

Make it personal

When you want to get anything done, find something that will affect you in a positive way. Exercise, for example, is something you know will affect you positively, but you can’t actively see the positive benefits. How can you get into the habit of exercising? Well, to start off, put on your workout clothes. This will help you get in the mindset to exercise. Like moving a boulder that’s stuck, even one inch is a start. If you reward yourself, your brain will attach itself to the habit. Instead of rushing to work after running, treat yourself to a piece of chocolate and a nice warm shower. It is also important to note that goals should be realistic!

Jumping over hurdles

Try your best to keep up with a workout routine or anything else even when life gets in the way. It always happens! Don't worry if something comes up, and you lose the routine. If you followed the tips above, you’ll fall right back into it.

Food to Keep You Warm This Frigid Winter

Need to warm up during this tough winter season while filling your stomach all at the same time? Here are some ideas for warm and tasty comfort food on those cold miserable nights.

Classic chicken noodle soup

What a better way to start off the list with chicken noodle soup? This classic soup is perfect for the cold weather. The combination of warm broth, chicken, carrots, and noodles creates a wonderful steamy soup that will warm the cockles of your heart.

Chili (with any meat)

Chili is another classic dish for the winter. The hot sauce and spicy flavors will kick you into gear and also give you a protein boost for the day. With the beans and tomato sauce, chili can also be a healthier choice for the winter -- especially if you use leaner meats.

Chicken quesadillas

A simple and easy meal, chicken quesadillas are a perfect weekday meal on a cold night. Add some jalapenos and red peppers for some extra punch. Don't forget the melted cheese!

Asian marinated pork chops

Make your own pan-Asian fusion dinner on a budget. Pan-roast the pork chops to a juicy perfection, and serve with an orange glaze. Use a combination of easy-to-find ingredients plus a few specialty items from the international aisle in your supermarket.

New England clam chowder

A nice creamy soup, clam chowder to easy to make but also easy to buy in a can. Sometimes when it's cold, you just don't feel like cooking! Pop in a can of clam chowder, sit by the fireplace, and enjoy. This is a personal favorite of mine (so I may be biased), but you can't go wrong with New England clam chowder!

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