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Tips For Moving on a Cross Country Road Trip

Sometimes, booking a flight when relocating becomes way too expensive and you feel it’s not worth your time to spend all of it in the air, and maybe you want to explore the country on your way to your new house whether you are moving from the east coast to the west coast or vice versa. So instead of getting on a plane to get to your home why not go on a road trip and have new experiences with your family or even your friends! This also gives you the option of buying a moving company or starting over totally fresh if you want to.


Timing is everything

Depending on how you want to do move you may want to find your moving company and start your move in the spring time or in autumn because the summer is the busiest time of the year for moving companies and therefore will be the most expensive at this time. However, if you want to get the best weather on your trip just make sure you follow the weather reports or bite the bullet and go during the summer.


Get rid of the junk

You are moving a fare distance so getting rid of the unnecessary stuff in your house is important and you may want to keep your most important belongings with you while you make your way through the country. So, if that is what you want to do then make sure you are only bringing the most important items with you.


Sell the items that have the most value and little importance

If you are planning a long road trip you will want to have as much money as possible if you want to get through the country with as little damage as possible to your bank account. You can sell items on craigslist or have a garage sale if you want. Make sure you save up, so you don’t run out of money on the road and bring cash with you just in case. There is always a cool place you’ll want to go that is cash only!


Plan for stops along the way

You are going to be driving a lot and you don’t want to miss what the rest of the country has to offer so some research on cool places to go while on your route to maximize the fun you’ll have! Don’t let this moment pass! Driving a lot is strenuous but having fun pit stops a long the way will make it even more worthwhile. There are sure to monuments on the way or fun side adventures in each state you pass through that you can enjoy!


Plan out your meals

Since you are going to be in a car for most of this trip you should pack enough food that won’t go bad to keep you full. Bring a cooler and ice if you want food that needs to be kept cool. Another good Idea is to bring a travel water bottle, so you don’t have to keep wasting plastic. At every rest stop you can surely find a spot to refill the bottle. When you finally decide to buy food, yelp is always a good tool to find the cheapest places near you that are also good. But if you are truly desperate then find a fast food place to quickly and cheaply replenish your energy. I would stay away from fast food for most of the trip for health reasons of course.


Get the right moving company

If you chose to move with a company, you should try to find the best one possible. Professional moving companies will be able to move your items long distances as safely as possible. You also should make sure that the company you hire provides all the services that you require because you don’t want to have your stuff get to your new house and the movers don't know what to do next. So this should be where you spend the most money so you can feel confident that your belongings are in good hands.


Take your time and plan out a fun trip and be cognizant of the moving company you hire, and you will be all set! Have fun on your new adventure!

How to Combat Allergies this Spring

Spring is officially upon us, and with that, tons of allergies. If you have really bad allergic reactions to pollen, here are some tips for you.

Limit your outdoor activity

The major problem with spring is the pollen. Breathing it into your nose and lungs is what triggers the reaction. Sometimes, it affects your eyes as well. Limit time outside. Wear sunglasses or something to mask your eyes. When you work on your lawn, wear a filtered mask. When you head back inside, wash your face and hair, because a lot of that pollen will find its way inside.

Take your allergy medication

This is pretty obvious, but it really does help a lot. Antihistamines block your body’s response to allergies. They will work in less than an hour. Older medication brands will make you drowsy. For daytime relief, take Claritin. If you are suffering from worse allergies, use a nasal spray. Nasal sprays, however, can cause nose bleeds and dryness. If your allergies are unbearable, it might be necessary to allergy shot from your general practitioner.

Start early

A great idea is to start early. It is important to start taking medication before you see symptoms. Build up the medication in your system to fight off the allergies early.

Change up your house

Make sure you keep the windows closed in the spring and summer, so pollen can't get into your house quickly. Clean and vacuum your floors to get rid of the pollen trapped in the house. Smoking can be detrimental to your allergy symptoms. 

Moving During Spring

Springtime is the time for change, and that may be a signal for you to change the scenery in your life. Life is constantly changing, and you don’t want to stay stagnant for too long. Here some tips for moving during this wonderful time.

Take advantage of the weather

Spring is an optimal time to move, because the weather is mild. Because the prices are competitive, you can easily find top rated movers for cheap! If you do your research, you will get the best deal possible. There are little scheduling conflicts as the busiest time for moving companies is during the summer. The one thing to look out for is rain.

Sell your house

Spring cleaning is a good way to kill two birds with one stone and tidy that sucker up for a nice showing. The more organized and sunny the inside of your home looks, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers! Also, with flowers in bloom and sunny skies, your house will look all the better.

Get rid of your stuff

On a nice day, you can sell your useless items at an outdoor flea market, or host your own garage sale. In Spring, everyone is coming out of hibernation to enjoy the sun and fresh air.


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