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Carpet Cleaning Tricks You Can Do Yourself

Carpets see it all, so staining is inevitable. Chances are your carpet has one right now. Food, pet accidents, mud... when you're faced with a dirty carpet, take a deep breath before calling the professionals. You can tackle it on your own with the proper technique and the right frame of mind. Be ca... more

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Closet Nurseries for the Small-Space Family

Expecting a baby but short on space? Not all of us are fortunate enough to have extra rooms in our living areas -- especially when you live in an apartment. Why not turn an overlooked area into a simple nursery until you're ready to upgrade to a bigger home? Follow the trend of many parents who... more

Is an Underground Pool Right For You?

With hot weather upon us, homeowners may be wrestling with the decision to install a pool. The addition comes with both social and health benefits. Swimming is cardio, flexibility training, and an endurance drill all in one exercise. Pools also provide an outlet for entertaining guests and a way to ... more

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