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Get Rid of Your Stress After a Move

Moving is hectic -- there's no denying that. After your last box is unpacked and the controlled chaos is finally over, it’s time for some much-deserved relaxation. There are many ways to unwind, relieve your moving-related tensions, and enjoy your new home.   Read a book A great book is a... more

A Well Synced Home

Integration is quickly becoming a commonplace phenomenon. So commonplace in fact, we barely bat an eye when it occurs. Only 10 years ago, people would have claimed it as science fiction. Take for instance the standard car in today's market. If you buy a new (2004 and up) car, chances are that the mo... more

Make Your Home Talk Back

How useful, in a world of smartphones, are smart speakers? Are they an extraneous purchase, or does the artificial intelligence impart the helping hand you never knew you needed? Have we been introduced to the new SmarterChild?Amazon raced solo through the frontier of virtual home assistance, but Go... more

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