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Backyard Grannies: The Alternative to Nursing Homes

The “granny pod” (more formally known as the MEDCottage) is the newest and cutest alternative to nursing homes. MEDCottages conveniently place older generations in your backyard, providing both personal space and on hand caregiving. Instead of moving your senior parents to foreign s... more

How Cold is Too Cold for Painting?

Sometimes, in the middle of a harsh winter, you experience a mishap or notice some chipped posts on your porch.  Winter months are treacherous on both you and the project. Putting aside your personal aversion to outdoor house maintenance in cold weather, how cold is too cold to paint?  Too... more

It's Fall, Y'all! Is Your House Ready?

Sadly, the weather is getting cooler, beach trips are slowly becoming nonexistent, and parents are shopping for back-to-school necessities... which can only mean one thing. The summer is coming to a close and fall is on its way. That means pumpkin spice is making it's way back into the hearts of "ba... more

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