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Outdoor Lights: Beautiful AND Functional

When it comes to outdoor lighting, kill two birds with one stone. Well-executed lights can create major curb appeal while doubling the safety factor. Whether planning to sell now or down the road, increase your real estate's value with this simple add-on. Even if you are not selling right now, gener... more

It's Fall, Y'all! Is Your House Ready?

Sadly, the weather is getting cooler, beach trips are slowly becoming nonexistent, and parents are shopping for back-to-school necessities... which can only mean one thing. The summer is coming to a close and fall is on its way. That means pumpkin spice is making it's way back into the hearts of "ba... more

Finding The Right Location For Your Future Home

Finding a dream home in your dream location can be difficult and rare. Quite frequently, you can find one but not the other. When it comes to picking the right area to move to, there are so many factors that affect your final decision. The variables that affect where you move are endless, but t... more

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