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Apartment Hunting: What to Look For

Summer is a great time to apartment shop, because you'll be able to gauge three important factors: noise, traffic, and pests. What should you be on the lookout for? Here's some tips to get you started hunting: Noise levels When visiting a potential living space, pay attention to the noise during tha... more

Inspections vs. Appraisals

It's easy to understand why inexperienced buyers use "appraisal" and "inspection" interchangeably when discussing a real estate purchase. Both ordeals involve a licensed professional visiting the property to judge its worth. The subsequent reports, however, serve two very different purposes. How the... more

4 Things That Do Not Actually Add Value to Your Property

When it comes to home improvement projects, you may want to think twice about anything major. Will your home's value reflect that enhancement when it's time to sell? While no simple equation can determine which will garner the most bang for your buck, your local market as well as the age and style o... more

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