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How to React in Active Shooter Situations

Active shooter situations were once sparse. Today, mass murderers target school playgrounds, campus libraries, busy shopping centers, movie theaters, the workplace, and even our homes. As Americans lose all semblance of security, we also find ourselves becoming desensitized to these gruesome tragedi... more

How to Live With Your Roommate

If you are a young cat looking for a hip new place to live, no doubt you will be needing a roommate or two. It's expensive to rent those fancy apartments in whatever city you are trying to live in. But, let's be real here, co-habitation can cause a lot of problems! Especially if one of you is very h... more

Keeping Long Distance Friendships Alive

When everyone thinks about long distance relationships, we always think romantically... but what about long distance friendships? We have more friends than significant others at any given moment, so living far away from all those friends can be isolating and upsetting! Here are some way to help keep... more

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