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How to React in Active Shooter Situations

Active shooter situations were once sparse. Today, mass murderers target school playgrounds, campus libraries, busy shopping centers, movie theaters, the workplace, and even our homes. As Americans lose all semblance of security, we also find ourselves becoming desensitized to these gruesome tragedi... more

The Best Cities in the World to Live

Why limit yourself to the cities in the United States? Try to look outside of your comfort zone. The best cities in the world may not be what you expect! Mercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments. They have an index that ranks all the major cities in the worl... more

NorCal or SoCal?

NorCal and SoCal, although both in California, are totally different places -- different climate, different styles, and even different culture. Here are some differences that can help you choose which part fits you best. Climate It is pretty well known that the climate in SoCal is almost perfect. Th... more

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