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Tips For Attending Your Office Holiday Party

The holidays mean a lot of things -- family gatherings, presents, and a lot of food. But they also mean it's time for your annual office Christmas party. For many, the office party can be a really great networking experience where you get to mingle with co-workers both new and familiar. But for some... more

How to React in Active Shooter Situations

Active shooter situations were once sparse. Today, mass murderers target school playgrounds, campus libraries, busy shopping centers, movie theaters, the workplace, and even our homes. As Americans lose all semblance of security, we also find ourselves becoming desensitized to these gruesome tragedi... more

Spring Ahead, Fall Behind

We remember the slogan but fail to understand what exactly Daylight Savings Time is. Why did we adopt the rule, and who still adheres to it? Most of North America and Europe follow this system, but a recent opinion poll by AccuWeather shows 82% find it totally unnecessary. Extra hour By changing clo... more

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