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Carpet Cleaning Tricks You Can Do Yourself

Carpets see it all, so staining is inevitable. Chances are your carpet has one right now. Food, pet accidents, mud... when you're faced with a dirty carpet, take a deep breath before calling the professionals. You can tackle it on your own with the proper technique and the right frame of mind. Be ca... more

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Host a Wedding at Home

As Dorothy always proclaimed, "There's no place like home."Why, then, do we rent banquet halls in order to celebrate one of the biggest events in our lives? Whether you love your lake house or plan to host at a close relative's, make sure you can accommodate all parts of a wedding before sending out... more

Repurposing Common Household Elements

Are you a tad busy with school, work, or your latest Netflix marathon? Life gets hectic, and we don't all have the funds to recreate the DIY projects shown on HGTV. If you're familiar with this stuggle, try upcycling to effortlessly and cleverly decorate your home. Repurpose everyday items with mini... more

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