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Tips for Packing your Car

If you need to move extra stuff the moving company you hired can’t fit or you are just deciding to move stuff yourself, you may want to know how to best pack up your car so everything fits! Here are some tips for packing your car for a move.   Sort through your items Before doing anythi... more

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5 Questions to Ask When Moving With Your Partner

1. How much do you plan on bringing? Like any other move, the first step is to make a checklist. Inventory what you both have and what to throw away. Find out how much space you will need to move all your belongings. 2. Where do you want to move? The next step you is to communicate with your partner... more

Small Ways for Self Improvement in 2018

Tired of New Year's resolutions constantly being pushed under the rug? Well, one thing that might be the problem is that you are shooting too high. With resolutions, you should try accomplishing something small that may affect how you live your life. Work up to those big life changing habits! Here a... more

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