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A Well Synced Home

Integration is quickly becoming a commonplace phenomenon. So commonplace in fact, we barely bat an eye when it occurs. Only 10 years ago, people would have claimed it as science fiction. Take for instance the standard car in today's market. If you buy a new (2004 and up) car, chances are that the mo... more

Quirky Moving Tips That Work

Are you getting ready to move in the new year? You’ve got the basics ready – cardboard boxes, newspaper, the phone number of a pizza place so you can feed the friends helping you move all your precious stuff. But do you have enough socks for the stemware? Yes, you read that right. A... more

9 Easy Ways to Getting Free Moving Boxes

One of the most time-consuming tasks while moving to another place is packing your stuff. For most of us, the first question we ask ourselves when we start is, "Where am I going to put all of this?" The short answer is -- obviously -- moving boxes. You may realize that you don't have enough to put a... more

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