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Easy Red, White and Blue Inspiration

Need a creative boost for your upcoming Fourth of July BBQ bash? Get rid of your baker's block with these brilliantly decorative recipes. These five simple (and delicious) ideas are not only festive, but they create a beautiful thematic spread for your guests to admire.  1. Beet salad... more

Host a Successful 4th of July Barbecue

With Fourth of July around the corner, now is the time to start planning this year's get-together. Independence Day is a great excuse to show off a new home, a recently installed pool, or your exceptional landscaping skills. Clean up that backyard, and dust off your grill... it's time to barbecue! P... more

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How to Make Your New Year Resolution Stick

At this point, it is pretty cliché to talk about new year resolutions. Only 8% of people will keep resolutions without falling back into the same old habits. In reality, it takes a while to truly re-imagine yourself. However, there are ways to help some of your new year resolutions stick... p... more

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