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Homes of US Presidents

When you hear 'President of the United States' and 'house' in the same sentence, you most likely picture that big, white one on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. But before and after their stints in the White House, presidents have called a variety of architecture home, from colonials and ranch... more

Interesting Facts About Valentine's Day

No one knows what exactly established today's holiday. Where did it begin? What year was it first celebrated? The most popular theory points to Valentinus, a Christian martyr later known as a saint, who performed secret weddings when Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage during wartime. He left a lo... more

Happy Safer Internet Day!

We celebrate many holidays in a year. But in the beginning of February, we aim to make the internet safer. (Writer's note: They call it Safer Internet Day rather than Internet Safety Day. We assume that, because we all understand how vast and unpredictable the online community can be, there's no way... more

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