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It's Tax Refund Season!

Take your tax refund, and spend it on something useful. Tax refunds often feel like gift money, and spending it is much easier. Instead of wasting the cash on something frivolous, use it to renovate your home with these three options for decorating and minor upgrades. A professional organizer Organi... more

8 Kinds of California Homes

Adobe Probably the most common in its time and the first permanent home, they were built from mud and straw. Although not as popular as they once were, they have been modernized for the current century... making them a more tempting choice. Italianate The Foy House is a rare example of neoclassical ... more

Most Popular Home Features in America

Trends come and go; just like fashion, what's in now will not be in next year. However, when selling, you want to appease the buyer. Young buyers planning to settle down dominate the market, so what are they looking for?Sellers, you'll be acquainted with two kinds of prospects. The young professiona... more

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