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Moving Companies Making Chargers Move Difficult

Last week, the San Diego Chargers notified the NFL of their intentions to move from San Diego to Los Angeles. However, not everyone is super happy about this change, including some fans/movers. Dozens of Southland moving companies are banding together in an effort to make the team's physical relocat... more

Spotted: A Moving Truck at the White House

It's almost that time some are rejoicing and some are dreading. In just two short weeks the Obamas will be fully moved out of the White House and The Trumps will be moving in--well, one of them. A moving truck from Maryland-based movers, Moving Masters Inc. was spotted outside the White House o... more

Make Your Home Talk Back

How useful, in a world of smartphones, are smart speakers? Are they an extraneous purchase, or does the artificial intelligence impart the helping hand you never knew you needed? Have we been introduced to the new SmarterChild?Amazon raced solo through the frontier of virtual home assistance, but Go... more

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