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Why you Should be Moving to Dallas Right Now!

    Texas is full of cities that are becoming increasingly more popular. Austin, Houston, San Antonio. But what about Dallas? One of the most well-known cities in Texas Dallas also has grown quite a lot in population. Here are the reasons why everyone is moving to Dallas!    ... more

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How Does the New Tax Bill Affect Homeowners?

Unsure how this tax bill will affect you as a homeowner? Worried it will hurt more than help? Or maybe you are just curious? It's always good to stay informed. Well, worry no more! Here are a few things you can expect from this new tax deduction. Standard deduction This new law increases the standar... more

Why ARE Millenials Less Likely to Buy Homes?

Recently, a viral off-handed comment blasted the millenial drive towards small comforts. Is this the reason why many could not afford to purchase a house? Tim Gurner, a millionaire and luxury real estate mogul, criticized an entire generation for not working hard enough. “When I was trying to ... more

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