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Press Release - Movers.com Presents Update on Decade-long Moving Trends Study

North Brunswick, NJ | March 7, 2017 - Movers.com, one of the leading online relocation portals, has updated its study, “Moving Trends: An Exploration,” to include data from 2016. The initiative captures the present trends and scenarios of the relocation industry, based on information col... more

My Home is Smarter Than Yours

Society has come a long way from dinosaur phones and Tamagotchi pocket pets. We now live in the age of the smartphone, where convenience lives in our iPhone and Android devices as technology-based personal assistants. Usage of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives has significantly grown. It... more

Why Millennials Aren't Moving

Recently released Census Bureau data shows that Millennials are moving significantly less than previous generations at the same ages. In 2016, only 1 out every 5 Millennials 25 to 35 years in age had reported to lived at a different address a year earlier. For previous older generations, one-year mi... more

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