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Prepare Your Finances to Buy a Home

You're making a resolution to buy a home in the new year. Congratulations! Whether or not you have accomplished this before, try our tips to manage your finances. It may seem like an arduous process, but the result is a wonderful investment in your family's future.  Set goals First and for... more

Carefully Moving Instruments

Are you a musician? Do you break out in a heavy sweat when you picture anyone else handling your beloved instruments?  Furniture and boxes of clothing, blanket wrapped or packed in square boxes, sit solidly in the cargo area of a moving truck. Musical instruments, on the other hand, are intrica... more

Tips For a Cross Country Move

Booking a flight when relocating becomes way too expensive, and you can feel it's not worth your time. Maybe you want to explore the country on your way to your new house -- whether you are moving from the east coast to the west coast or vice versa. Instead of getting on a plane to get to your home,... more

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