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Different President, Different Decision

While President Obama still occupied the Oval Office, he attempted to boost homeownership by making it more affordable. His modification program adjusted interest rates to lower monthly mortgage amounts, but it also rewarded for staying up-to-date via rebates. His refinance program helped those... more

How Low Is Too Low?

Recently, we asked how many is too many when it comes to touring potential new homes, but what happens after you find the perfect home? How much should you offer, and how low is too low? Everyone loves a great deal, but a low-ball proposal can insult and turn off the seller. Realtors suggest no less... more

How Much Do You Really Pay a Month?

You filled out the paperwork, closed the deal, and locked down the deed. But have you calculated the true cost of your home? What’s the “true” cost? Isn’t there just one monthly mortgage payment? Not exactly.    For new homeowners, expenses span far beyond a single ... more

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