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Security Tips for Living Alone

Living alone has its benefits. No race to the bathroom to get ready in the morning. Sole control of TV and takeout choices. A shoes/no-shoes policy, as you see fit. But there are also some drawbacks, security not least among them. The number of people living alone is on the rise - 14% of Americans -... more

How to Protect your Home From Holiday Fire Hazards

Despite being a rather stressful time, the holidays are a time of year that bring countless people joy. They bring about an excuse to decorate your home in a spectacular fashion, or more low key if you prefer. But don't let all those decorations both indie and out cause a terrible disaster in your h... more

Fire Safety Tips for Your New Home

Did you know that October is National Fire Prevention Month? Fires can happen very unexpectedly and it is important for people to be prepared to act if such a situation occurs. Some simple tasks can prevent any errors during an emergency. Especially if you are a new home owner, the following tips ar... more

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