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Three Snow Removal Mistakes You've Probably Been Making

If you're on the east coast today, Winter Storm Stella is probably strongly impacting your day. Hopefully, you were safely inside, drinking hot chocolate and staying warm.     If you're from any of the areas Stella hit, this is likely not your first rodeo. And as with all winter storms, th... more

How to Keep Warm When the Power Goes Out

Note: This guest post was not written by a Movers.com employee; therefore the views and expressions of the author do not necessarily reflect those of Movers.com.As we continue in this run of cold weather, there have been several cases of areas across the country losing power. Being without power fo... more

Security Tips for Living Alone

Living alone has its benefits. No race to the bathroom to get ready in the morning. Sole control of TV and takeout choices. A shoes/no-shoes policy, as you see fit. But there are also some drawbacks, security not least among them. The number of people living alone is on the rise - 14% of Americans -... more

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