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Safety in Major Cities

You're looking to move into a new city but have heard some bad things about some of the cities you're looking at. What do you do?  When it comes to living in cities, you shouldn't believe everything you hear; after all, what people say about a city is all based on their experiences. However, so... more

Finding The Right Location For Your Future Home

Finding a dream home in your dream location can be difficult and rare. Quite frequently, you can find one but not the other. When it comes to picking the right area to move to, there are so many factors that affect your final decision. The variables that affect where you move are endless, but t... more

Trip Insurance

Planning on taking an extended vacation anytime soon? Or taking a business trip in the near future? Regardless of the reason for travel, it is always best to cover all your liabilities. While traveling, you are at numerous financial risks that you may not even be thinking about -- risks such as acci... more

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