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Social Media and Real Estate

It's no secret that social media has become a necessity in the lives of those living in the 21st century. Especially with millennials. Like a drug, millennials feel the need to be attached to their phones and the internet at all times. Some even sleep with their phone under their pillows. It's this ... more

Beach Season is Here

With summer officially around the corner, what is the best way to spend your weekends on the go? You're with your friends, family, or significant other enjoying the cool, crisp, breeze against your face. The waves cracking against the seabed to create a soothing sound to your ears. You have refreshm... more

Locations You Absolutely Must Add To Your Bucket List

Bucket lists are a fun and easy way to experience life and live life to the fullest. Many, if not all of those who have one, add traveling to their lists. Well, if you have a bucket list, get ready to make the list a little longer with these 8 places you are bound to want to visit. You're welcome! ... more

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