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Keep Your Pet Happy and Safe During Your Move

Relocate Animals SafelyNote: This guest post was not written by a employee; therefore the views and expressions of the author do not necessarily reflect those of

Moving from one home or apartment to another can be a challenging transition for us humans. It can be just as tough on our furry friends.
Pets -- particularly cats and dogs -- are creatures of routine. Transporting pets during a move and getting them acclimated to their new surroundings can cause them significant stress and uneasiness.

Follow these steps to keep your pet as happy and safe as possible during your move:


Before moving out
The chances of losing a runaway pet multiply during a move. If you don't already, get ID tags with your current contact information, as well as a microchip for your pet. Once your pet is found, the microchip will allow her to be identified as yours.
If moving to another location, make a trip to the vet for your pet's records. While at the vet, ask for medications and recommendations to ease car sickness and stress during the move.
If you're making a long distance move, acclimate your pet to car trips beforehand by taking short drives and putting them in a carrier.

While moving out
Secure your pet in a crate or closed room, or leave him/her with a friend or neighbor until you're ready to load up and leave for your new home. The noise and action of moving your belongings will likely cause pet anxiety. He/she may attempt to escape. Additionally, keeping your pet in a safe location while moving large items will help prevent injury to both of you.
Keep your pet's routine and schedule as normal as possible the day of the move. Walk and feed at the same times as usual. Do not give your pet food or water right before leaving. 
During the move
Load smaller pets in a crate or carrier. Keep large dogs on a leash in a safe location in your vehicle. Do not transport your pet in a moving truck or van.
Make sure to travel with food, dishes for food/water, kitty litter, toys, grooming tools, and newspapers/plastic bags for messes.
If moving long distance, give your pet plenty of potty breaks and fresh water. Spoil him/her with treats and short walks at rest stops. Prevent escape in unfamiliar surroundings with a leash or carrier.
After the move
Slowly acclimate your pet to the new home and neighborhood. Put food/water dishes, bed, blanket, and toys in one room to ease comfortably into new surroundings. Gradually get him/her used to other parts and rooms of your home. When outdoors, keep him/her on a leash or in a fenced in area to prevent escape.
Mirror the surroundings of your last home. If her food and water bowls were by the backdoor in your last home, place them there at your new home.
Finally, give him/her lots of love to feel at home in these new surroundings.

Vincent Pezzimenti is the Marketing Director for Best Buffalo Movers, a Western New York local and long distance moving company.

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