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Safety in Major Cities

You're looking to move into a new city but have heard some bad things about some of the cities you're looking at. What do you do? 

When it comes to living in cities, you shouldn't believe everything you hear; after all, what people say about a city is all based on their experiences. However, some do live up to their reputation which is definitely something you have to consider. Some of the cities on the list may surprise you, and others may not.

New York, New York
The city that never sleeps, gets a bad rap for being a dangerous city. However, according to a study done by Stratos Jets, NYC is actually one of the safer cities and has come a long way in the past decade. Since 1998, crime has dropped down from 212,913 incidences to 31,430.  Areas are improving, the crime rates are falling, and your choices are endless when it comes to choosing entertainment and restaurants.

Cleveland, Ohio
Yes, this city is dangerous. It's crime rates are high (5,115 counts of theft in 2017). But with any city, there are unwritten rules to follow in order to make sure you don't end up adding to the numbers. According to SmarterTravel, there are tips you can use to avoid being a statistic:
  • East Cleveland - This part of Cleveland is not usually where tourists go. If you do find yourself here, avoid anything east of Scoval and 55th. Do not park or stop your vehicle, and try not to have anything of value in your car or on you. 
  • Midtown Cleveland - "Most of the crime that happens in Cleveland happens in Midtown, so if you have to go through Midtown at all, make sure you are driving. You can also avoid Midtown by taking I-90 to University Circle from Downtown Cleveland."
  • Downtown Cleveland - You really need to take precautions at night according to SmarterTravel. "The downtown area gets very quiet... trolleys stop running after 7 p.m., so you'll need to take a cab or drive. If you're walking, walk quickly and stay aware of your surroundings." The homeless population is high in this area and more come out after dark, especially in Public Square. While most are harmless, some get pushy and aggressive when asking for money; SmartTravel suggests not interacting with the homeless and walking quickly past them. 

Detroit, Michigan
Detroit is one of the more dangerous cities on the list, as the murder rates continue to climb, however if you are visiting the city, SmarterTravel suggests staying in downtown Detroit, as it is one of the safer areas and more tourist-friendly. 

New Orleans, Louisiana 
This city can be quite amazing as it is filled with history and jazz. But once the sun goes down, specifically around 10 p.m., Bourbon Street becomes quite sketchy -- filled with boozy locals and higher crime rates. Other than that, the city offers walking tours, great restaurants, and beignets that are to die for! 

Cities are a great place to live; they are filled with culture and history and can be quite the adventure. However, once dusk hits, you may have to be a little more careful than you would during the day. The key to surviving in any city is street smarts and keeping an eye on your belongings. Pay attention to your surroundings when walking the streets!

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