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Color Coding Your BooksIf you’re like me, you relish in rearranging your shelves. About once a year, I like to remove my books from their rightful homes and find a new way to house them. Not unlike Rob from "High Fidelity," I once organized them by personal significance. Recently, after moving into a new home, I decided to use a method I’ve never tried before… color.

Do you like to reread your collection? Do you prefer order to chaos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, do not color code. However, if you accumulate out of sentimentality -- or if you don’t mind looking hard for a thin paperback -- you may want to attempt this organizational craze that’s been sweeping home libraries and Pinterest boards across the nation.

If done correctly, your modest home library will deserve its own photo in an interior design magazine!

The aesthetically pleasing rainbow shelf usually ranges from white through the familiar R-O-Y-G-B-I-V into black. They can be arranged horizontally with a new hue per shelf or diagonally with a rainbow in every row.

  1. First and foremost, start with the books. Lay them out in a very empty area, and separate in piles by color – until you can further isolate by shade.

  2. Style! You may want to place similar sizes or authors together. If you have extra room, consider bookending (horizontally placed stacks).

  3. Accessorize. Mix with accents (frames and trinkets) to add interesting personal touches. 

Forewarning: You will have more black spined books than you realize. If wording on the spine takes up a lot of space, categorize it by the text color instead.

Photo courtesy of gurl.com

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