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Hacks to a Painless Move

Moving can be an exciting period in someone's life. It chauffeurs in a period of newness where you have an opportunity to start over. A new job, a new family, a new neighborhood, whatever the reason, a move is a significant moment in someone's life. But it is not without its downsides as well. One a... more

Arts and Crafts to Make with Cardboard Boxes

Have no idea what to do with all your leftover boxes from moving? You have a few options - you can choose to recycle them or you can reuse them. Surprisingly, cardboard boxes have a number of unique uses that one would not expect. You can actually make awesome toys, decor, and other accessories usin... more

Crowd Sourced Smart Home Technologies

Crowd sourcing has revolutionized the way relatively small projects and inventions can get the backing they need to come to market, and this is especially true for smart home technologies.   Not only does this provide a way for entrepreneurs to fund their ideas, browsing through crowd funding w... more

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