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Are you Getting a Good Deal on an Apartment?

There are factors to consider when moving into a new apartment other than the cost of rent. Although it may cost more to live closer to your office, that proximity to work could also save you some cash by cutting time off your commute. Plus, if you take advantage of common apartment amenities, like ... more

Premium Apartment Amenities Worth The Extra Cost

If you’re searching for a rental, you’re likely to come across a lot of apartment amenities that simply aren’t worth the money. Really, how often are you likely to use the sauna, and who wants a wobbly pool table with bent cue sticks? But some amenities really are worth the cost. &... more

How to Get an Apartment with Poor Credit

Apartment hunting is a headache--especially with bad credit. If you're in the market for a new rental and fear that your unimpressive credit history could be a hindrance, check out these helpful tips for landing a great place without great credit. Know your credit report Before you begin apartment h... more

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