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Rewarding Fall Home Improvement

'Tis the season of change. The leaves transition into their auburn and amber forms, the weather gets a little chillier, and the pumpkin spice displays begin to surmount shop window stands. Instead of being a simple observer of these transformations why not become an agent of change yourself? Fall is... more

How to Pumpkin Spice Your Home

It's September 1, and you know what that means - Pumpkin spice everything. From lattes, to candles, to gum, pumpkin flavored, pumpkin scented, and pumpkin shaped food and decor is everywhere. And what better way to show your love for the orange, cinnamon-dusted gourd than to fill your house wit... more

Why You Should Move in the Fall

Summer is the most popular time of year to move. Kids are on break from school so you don’t have to worry about uprooting them mid-year, and you can usually count on sunny — albeit hot —weather. However, if you have some flexibility in selecting your moving dates, there are several... more

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