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How to Safely Hang Christmas Lights Outside

To make your house look festive, you hang colorful lights outside! This means you hang lights on the outside of your home and even the room. But hanging up lights on your house can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper safety techniques. You need to climb a ladder and hang these lights up,... more

Versatile Decorating For the Holiday Season

Entering November, two major holidays loom before us. When decorating for Thanksgiving, why not use embellishments that double as Christmas decor? Save time and money while creating a versatile look.   1. String Lights How can you decorate the outside of your home on Nov. 1 without appearing li... more

How to Easily Return Unwanted Christmas Gifts

If a few of your loved ones missed the mark with your gift this year, you aren’t alone -- studies show that about one-third of all gifts are returned every Christmas. If you’re planning to join the hordes of dissatisfied giftees armed with unwanted presents, read on for some helpful tips... more

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