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The Importance of Exterior Lighting For Your Home

Let’s face the facts, most families tend to go out and adventure on their free-time usually to the park, the beach, or other recreational areas. When it comes to your house, it’s a place during the day to garden, swim in your pool, mow the lawn, and BBQ. However, most houses suffer from ... more

Picking the Right Paint

You just moved into your dream home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what paints you'll need for finalizing the look of your house, but no worries, I have you covered. When it comes to painting specific areas of your house, you will need different types of applicators. Picking pa... more

Using Indoor Decor... Outdoors

There’s lots of ways to save money when decorating your home from up-cycling to versatile decorations that can be used for more than one holiday. These techniques also work to save space in your home without throwing away precious heirlooms. How do you recycle your interior design ideas? Lots ... more

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