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Wallpaper Removal

Whether you just moved into a new house, a new apartment, or are updating your current home, you're going to need a starting point; this post is going to cover the one thing you should think about updating: the wallpaper. Whether you're looking to update your wallpaper, or completely over... more

Using Indoor Decor... Outdoors

There’s lots of ways to save money when decorating your home from up-cycling to versatile decorations that can be used for more than one holiday. These techniques also work to save space in your home without throwing away precious heirlooms. How do you recycle your interior design ideas? Lots ... more

How to Efficiently Pack & Move

No one likes to move, and even fewer like to pack. Why do today what you can do tomorrow, right? If you want to save yourself the stress, then you definitely should get started today. It's easy. Start off by collecting boxes. Visit your local shops and businesses; they tend to throw out perfectly go... more

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