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Packing for College

The week before Labor Day is often bittersweet. It's a great time to relax and unwind at the beach, but it's also the last week of summer (read: no school). This last week of freedom may already be punctuated with BBQs and farewell parties, but it might also mean that you're heading back to college,... more

Types of College Roommates

It's that time of the year again: BACK TO SCHOOL!When you move away to college, you're bound to meet plenty of new people. So, we've made this YouTube video to show the different types of roommates you might encounter during your stay at school. University life has a variety of characters to offer, ... more

DIY Wall Art Projects for Your Dorm

College dorm rooms tend to be very plain and boring. However, if you take the time to decorate, you can make your dorm feel more like home this school year. Spice up your apartment or dorm room with some of these DIY projects, including wall art and other inexpensive decoration solutions. Functional... more

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