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Tips for Relocating with Children

Moving is already incredibly taxing. The organizing, the back-and-forth phone calls to the moving company, the cleaning... It can really tire you out! Now, think about taking care of a child (or even children) in the meantime. Talk about stress! Hold a family meeting Make sure everyone is on the sam... more

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The Importance of Exterior Lighting For Your Home

Let’s face the facts, most families tend to go out and adventure on their free-time usually to the park, the beach, or other recreational areas. When it comes to your house, it’s a place during the day to garden, swim in your pool, mow the lawn, and BBQ. However, most houses suffer from ... more

Factors in Buying that Future Home

There are many factors and variables when it comes to buying that perfect home for you. Sustainability, affordability, the status of the housing market are just several factors in determining when you make an offer to the seller, and sign on that scary dotted line of permanency.   Let’s d... more

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