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What Should You Put in Storage When You Move

There are many reasons why people move to a new city: to downsize, be closer to family, to move downtown to the city life, or maybe to get a fresh start! Whatever your reason, you may find yourself needing some transitional short term storage as you move into your new place. It can ease the let-go i... more

Charity Organizations that Will Pick Up Your Unwanted Stuff

You are about to, or just moved into your new home - it could be a bigger home to start a family, a smaller home after the kids have left the nest, or simply a fresh start. Movers.com has the best selection of professional moving companies for the items you want to move, but if all of your items don... more

Planning an Estate Sale

When you think of an estate sale you may picture a mansion that once belonged to a rich old lady with no children to inherit the solid gold, jewel encrusted furniture inside. But sorting through a deceased loved one's property is something that will likely plague everyone eventually.  No matter... more

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