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Moving Hacks to Make Packing Painless

As your moving date tip-toes closer and closer, you begin to realize that staring at your closet wondering how in the world you're supposed to pack up all this stuff isn't going to cut it anymore. You go to your living room and kitchen and wonder how you're going to find enough boxes to transport al... more

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Crowd Sourced Smart Home Technologies

Crowd sourcing has revolutionized the way relatively small projects and inventions can get the backing they need to come to market, and this is especially true for smart home technologies.   Not only does this provide a way for entrepreneurs to fund their ideas, browsing through crowd funding w... more

Smart Appliances for Your Home

Recently, we've shown you small, relatively cheap gadgets that upgrade your home to a 'smart home,' keeping your home, your family, and even your pets, happy and safe. But why limit yourself to that? The age of the smart appliance is upon us. So what makes these appliances smart? How about touch scr... more

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