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Using Household Items to Clear Snow

The severe weather begins, and you feel tense just thinking about clearing your car the next morning. Stores sell plenty of de-icing salts for your sidewalk, but what about your vehicle? You already own several items in your household that can help with advance preparation. Check out this compi... more

How to Create the Illusion of More Space

Have you recently moved to a small-ish apartment? Maybe you bought a new home with a tiny room that you’re not sure what to do with. Transform these areas into something efficient yet fashionable with simple hacks that create the illusion of more space than is there!The obvious answer is minim... more

Moving Hacks to Make Packing Painless

As your moving date tip-toes closer and closer, you begin to realize that staring at your closet wondering how in the world you're supposed to pack up all this stuff isn't going to cut it anymore. You go to your living room and kitchen and wonder how you're going to find enough boxes to transport al... more

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