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Helping Your Loved One Around the House

Doing chores around the apartment is no easy task, let alone a two-plus bedroom house. However, if you’re newly married, in a committed relationship, or been married for a lengthy amount of time consider this. When it comes to living with someone you care about, your number one priority is to ... more

Picking the Right Paint

You just moved into your dream home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what paints you'll need for finalizing the look of your house, but no worries, I have you covered. When it comes to painting specific areas of your house, you will need different types of applicators. Picking pa... more

Repairs and Summer Scams

With summer comes extreme weather, and with extreme weather comes excess damage to your household. If you're in need of a repair service to fix the damages to your house, what steps should you take to inquire about the most liable company without putting a dent in your wallet? Here are the necessary... more

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