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Visit an Open House - Even if You're Not Buying

After a seller has staged their home and listed it on the market, it’s likely their real estate agent will recommend holding an open house. Potential home buyers flock open houses for a chance to get a peek inside the closets and stroll through the rooms.   But not everyone who attends is... more

Entry-Level Homes Built to Lure Millenials

Millenial home-buyers are quite the elusive bunch. Many are opting to rent apartment, or even stay with their parents for a little while longer. In a effort to attract this difficult crowd, Toll Bros Inc. is launching a new line of lower-priced starter homes in January that are geared toward first t... more

Home Issues You Need to Fix Before Selling

If you're planning to list your home for sale within the next year, there’s probably a lot on your home sale to-do list. And while, yes, you want your house to look its best for prospective buyers, there are some less-than-obvious issues you should probably address before your listing goes up.... more

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