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How To: Make a Reading Nook

Avid readers deserve a comfortable place to call their own where they can read quietly and without interruptions. Enter a reading nook. It's a place you can easily create within your home that is designated just for reading or for private moments (like listening to the newest episode of the Serial p... more

The Formula for Packing a Perfect Carry-on

When you're traveling, packing a carry-on luggage can be stressful. What do you pack? What do you leave behind? How can you make sure you don't have to check a bag? Dealing with baggage claim is the worst!Jenni Avins and the Quartz team have come up with a simple formula to help you pack the perfect... more

Make DIY Laundry Soap in Less Than 5 Minutes

Everyone loves a good DIY project. When it comes to cleaning supplies, DIY cleaners can be cost-effective and less harmful to people, pets and the environment. Many DIY cleaners do not contain those volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in traditional cleaning products. According to a pulmonologist... more

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