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Sharing Finances

Buying a house and bearing children are not the only huge steps a couple can make. They also need to seriously rethink their finances. Will you divide the burden with a joint bank account, or will you split the expenses and keep your own? How can you prevent senseless arguments over money? A success... more

Reduce Your Cost of Living With these Tips

There comes a time in every young adult's life where they have to move out of Mom and Dad's and move into an apartment of their own -- scary, but exciting!  No parent wants to see their child struggle to make ends meet, and every young adult wants to be successful and prove to their parents th... more

How to Budget for a Summer Move

Note: This guest post was not written by a employee; therefore, the views and expressions of the author do not necessarily reflect those of Whether you are moving to a one bedroom studio a few miles down the road or moving your whole family across the country, one of the bigge... more

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