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Tips For Moving on a Cross Country Road Trip

Sometimes, booking a flight when relocating becomes way too expensive and you feel it’s not worth your time to spend all of it in the air, and maybe you want to explore the country on your way to your new house whether you are moving from the east coast to the west coast or vice versa. So inst... more

Moving During Spring

Springtime is the time for change, and that may be a signal for you to change the scenery in your life. Life is constantly changing, and you don’t want to stay stagnant for too long. Here some tips for moving during this wonderful time. Take advantage of the weather Spring is an optimal time t... more

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Best Places to Move in 2018

If you weren't sure about where to move, here were last year's top destinations. They will help you in your search for a perfect home for you and your family. Charleston, SC This is a small metro area growing bigger every day. The population is 712,232. The median home price is $222,979, and the med... more

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