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You Made an Offer... Now What?

You finally hit the point in your life when you are ready and able to purchase property. You contact a lender, receive pre-approval on a mortgage, and attend several open houses. You find the house you want to buy, and your real estate agent puts together all necessary paperwork. It works somewhat l... more

Inspections vs. Appraisals

It’s easy to understand why inexperienced buyers use "appraisal" and "inspection" interchangeably when discussing a real estate purchase. Both ordeals involve a licensed professional visiting the property to judge its worth. The subsequent reports, however, serve two very different purposes. H... more

Entry-Level Homes Built to Lure Millenials

Millenial home-buyers are quite the elusive bunch. Many are opting to rent apartment, or even stay with their parents for a little while longer. In a effort to attract this difficult crowd, Toll Bros Inc. is launching a new line of lower-priced starter homes in January that are geared toward first t... more

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