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Why Millennials Aren't Moving

Recently released Census Bureau data shows that Millennials are moving significantly less than previous generations at the same ages. In 2016, only 1 out every 5 Millennials 25 to 35 years in age had reported to lived at a different address a year earlier. For previous older generations, one-year mi... more

How Low Is Too Low?

Recently, we asked how many is too many when it comes to touring potential new homes, but what happens after you find the perfect home? How much should you offer, and how low is too low? Everyone loves a great deal, but a low-ball proposal can insult and turn off the seller. Realtors suggest no less... more

You Made an Offer... Now What?

You finally hit the point in your life when you are ready and able to purchase property. You contact a lender, receive pre-approval on a mortgage, and attend several open houses. You find the house you want to buy, and your real estate agent puts together all necessary paperwork. It works somewhat l... more

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