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Prepare Contents for Extremes
Shipping containers are subject to extreme conditions at times. Temperature swings from sub-zero to triple digit heat and humidity can cause damage to the contents – be sure your items are properly packaged and secured against damage.
How to Make Your Dog Familiar with ...
When you're moving with pets, it can sometimes be difficult to help them adjust to their new surroundings, certainly more difficult than it is for children and family members because you can't communicate with them. For dogs especially, moving can be just as stressful an experience for them as it is for you and your family, and this guide will provide you with some tips and advice on how to help them adjust to their new home.
Green Moving Tips
The environment should always be at the back of our minds, even when undergoing major life changes like moving to a new home. Everything you do during the moving process can have an impact on the environment, even packing. Thinking about the environment when you move helps you stay environmentally sound by recycling and reusing packing materials and doing your move the green way.
Avoid Scam Freight Forwarder ...
Some freight forwarders may rely on scam tactics and deceiving unsuspecting customers. You should be certain your freight forwarder is reliable with thorough research.
Make Sure Your Freight Forwarders ...
The company should have the following documents when preparing your goods for overseas shipping: inventories, bill of lading, customs documents, and the terms and conditions contract for the move.

Recent Moving Reviews
The Best Mover in Alaska
Alisons Relocation Inc
We moved with Alisons Relocations from southern California to Wasilla, AK. Yesterday we received all of our household goods into our new home. Here is a bit about our experience. My initial call was taken by Ben McDaniel. He spent well over 30 minutes with me on that call whereas other moving companies we called either didn’t have someone for us to speak with our we didn’t get a call back. Ben arranged for our survey to be done a few days later and the following day I had my quote emailed to me by Ben. We then scheduled our move and within hours received an email with all of the move documents and contract necessary to secure our move dates. Three weeks later the movers in California arrived and packed all of our boxes with care and professionalism. Furniture was padded and protected and everything was loaded into the trailer that was parked outside our home. Valerie from Alisons stayed in touch with us to keep us informed as to the time of arrival into AK. It did take the full 6 weeks but we were pre-advised that during the peak season this may happen so we were prepared. Delivery crew was exceptional; everything is in place, put together and almost all unpacked. Not one item damaged! A nice touch; Alison’s gifted us a James Michener novel on Alaska and an Alaska Milepost! Thank you for the warm welcome and for the impeccable service from start to finish. I will recommend you to anyone I know or hear is moving to or from Alaska.
Review by : Tammy
A Good Moving Company
Pure Moving Systems LLC-MD
I have never met anyone who likes moving, but after my experience with the Pure Moving Company, I no longer have jitters about the entire process. This company will be my first call if I ever have to move state again.
Review by : Brenda
Best Movers
Best Fit Movers LLC
In the past ten years, I have relocated three times using different companies. My last relocation was facilitated by Long Distance Movers and I must admit I liked what I was offered. Not a single flaw was evident in the relocation from San Diego to Sacramento. All was carried out as planned. The crew arrived early enough; creating an ample time for the tedious work. They carried it out in a manner that left me wondering how possible it was. Five-star rating for this company; they are the best. Nothing stresses me up like relocation. I wasn’t lucky the first two times I had sought the services of other companies. It's either they got late to work or had something damaged in the process. The Long Distance Movers was suggested by my eldest sister who happened to know everything about them. She enlightened me on all that I needed to know. I am so glad; thanks to their prompt response and unwavering sense of dedication. You delivered the best and I have no doubts on that.
Review by : Leon

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Look no further than to find the freight forwarding company that suits your moving needs. Whether you are moving long distance or internationally, these Freight Companies in San Diego, CA can assist in making your move seamless.

Pacific Basin Freight Forwarders LLC

2323 Ave Costa Este Suite #700, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1383253, ICC MC # 527228

A & H International Freight

2335 Marconi Pl, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1312089, ICC MC # 506912

Destiny Freight Inc

2002 Sunset Ave, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1496982, ICC MC # 562654

Hussong Freightlines Inc

2235 Otay Center Ct., San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 438917, ICC MC # 238881

Lax Freight Services Inc

1655 Saint Andrews Cove, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 587228, ICC MC # 284287

Solis Freight

8684 Avenida De La Fuente Ste 3, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1353605, ICC MC # 519746

Universal Freightlines-San Diego, CA

2418 1/2 Grove Ave, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1272979, ICC MC # 497051

Intercontinental Pacific Freight Lines

777 6th Avenue Suite 133, San Diego, CA 92101
US DOT # 1660060, ICC MC # 610569

Complete Freight Solutions

7920 Airway Rd A 10, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1176343, ICC MC # 471600

S&s Freight

2728 Creekside Village Sq, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1534407, ICC MC # 571447

J G Forwarding Inc

9950 Marconi Drive Ste 102, San Diego, CA 92173
US DOT # 809221, ICC MC # 359822

International Freight Services

2475 Paseo De Las Americas # 1529, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1475570, ICC MC # 556979

Sil Freight

9050 Siempre Viva Road, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 2086796, ICC MC # 728226

Intercalifornias Forwarding

10050 Via De La Amistad Ste 2460, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1126265, ICC MC # 459393

Tovias Freight & Service

3234 Biscay Dr, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 763431, ICC MC # 343795

Freight First Inc

10767 San Diego Mission Rd 312, San Diego, CA 92108
US DOT # 1276991, ICC MC # 500248

San Diego Freight Services Inc

7920 Airway Road Ste A4, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 835573, ICC MC # 369460

Gonzalez Freight-San Diego, CA

9017 Air Way Rd Ste 100, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 2276517, ICC MC # 777649

American Freightways Lp

10845 Rancho Bernardo Rd #100, San Diego, CA 92127
US DOT # 1195003, ICC MC # 487118

Lupina Miller & Asso Inc Cnc Rlm Freight Forwarding

2365 Marconi Court Suite E, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 604316, ICC MC # 291092

Kings Freightways

1237 South 37th St, San Diego, CA 92113
US DOT # 2365839, ICC MC # 811212

Abt Forwarding Company

2325 Michael Faraday Dr Ste 3, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 1050291, ICC MC # 439109

Ramirez Freight

9017 Air Way Road Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92154
US DOT # 2341695, ICC MC # 799607

Jr Freight Forwarders

2375 Michael Faruday Suite# 8, San Diego, CA 92173
US DOT # 742198, ICC MC # 337510

Cnf International Forwarding Inc

7520 Airway Rd Ste #3, San Diego, CA 92173
US DOT # 863972, ICC MC # 379913


Disclaimer: This information is not endorsed by, and we recommend you check the profiles of these companies before choosing them. This public information was drawn from the regional Yellow Pages.


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