Inexpensive Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Cheap Ways to Redecorate Your Bathroom

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Redecorating and remodeling different rooms in your house can instantly give your home a newer, fresher feeling. There's nothing that can quite compare to the feeling of walking into the same old room that you walk into every day and experiencing it in a brand new way. Something as simple as repainting a room can completely change the way the room looks and feels, not to mention the fact that updating certain rooms in your home can go a long way in increasing your home's value and helping you make more money on it when it comes time to sell.

When you are moving and preparing to sell your house, remodeling jobs will help to substantially raise the value of your home once it hits the market. Exterior remodeling jobs and kitchen remodeling jobs are typically the most expensive projects that people undertake when they are looking to spice up the appearance of an older home. However, one room that many people overlook is the bathroom.

Despite usually being the smallest rooms in the house, the appearance of your bathrooms are very important to potential buyers and a good bathroom remodeling job can really bump up the value of your home almost as much as a good kitchen remodeling. The best part about this is that you can greatly improve the appearance of your bathrooms for a fraction of the cost that it would take to remodel a larger room, like the kitchen. This guide will provide you with some easy-to-follow redecorating tips that you can use to redecorate and remodel your bathroom for cheap, without having to break the bank.

New paint job

Often, bathrooms are subject to some of the most frequent usage of any of the rooms in your house, and things like leaky sinks and cracked shower tiles can be easily and inexpensively repaired. While you might have to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade an older kitchen with new and flashy appliances and granite countertops, you won't have to put that much money into a simple bathroom remodeling project to achieve a similar effect.

For example, a thorough paint job in a soft and neutral color can easily transform your entire bathroom overnight and give it a completely new and fresh look. Compared to other, more extensive remodeling projects, giving your bathroom a new coat of paint is very inexpensive and can fit just about anyone's budget. You can cover up the boring white walls that you've grown tired of over the years and add some color to your bathroom in just a few hours. You'll be surprised at just how different the entire room will look and feel after a simple paint job.

Redecorating for cheap

Giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint isn't the only inexpensive way in which you can redecorate your bathroom and give it a new look that will benefit you and your family and entice buyers when it comes time to put the home on the market.

In fact, simple home decor tips and a little decorating flair can add a lot to a bathroom in a very inexpensive way. Here are a few simple and inexpensive things you can do that will give new life to your bathroom without costing a ton of money:

  • Replace your shower curtain. You may not think that buying a new shower curtain will really do much to change the look and feel of your bathroom, but it can. Replacing an old dirty shower curtain with a brand new one, especially with a design or color that matches your walls or your other bathroom décor can go really go a long way in helping to make your bathroom feel like it's brand new.

  • Invest in a new mirror or vanity. The first thing most people notice when they walk into a bathroom is the sink and the vanity, because they are normally centrally located in the bathroom and the lights are usually placed above this area of the bathroom, allowing our eyes to be drawn there. A new mirror or vanity will completely change the look of your bathroom and the best part is that it can be replaced at a relatively low cost.

  • Replace your towel rack and faucets. These two little modifications to your bathroom can both be done for relatively little money and can also go a long way in transforming both the look and feel of your bathroom. A shiny new towel rack and new faucets will create the feeling of a brand new bathroom.

  • Install glass doors in your shower. If your shower curtain is old and dated and you want to take things in a completely new direction, consider installing glass doors in your shower to really transform your bathroom. While this upgrade is a little more expensive than some of the other modifications on this list, it's still much cheaper than completely remodeling your bathroom and replacing your shower entirely, and it will really make your bathroom not only feel bigger, but also newer as well.
So when you are getting ready to move and you are putting your house on the market, don't worry about spending thousands of dollars to upgrade and remodel your bathrooms. If you keep it simple, you can up the value of your home without having to break the bank.

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on August 13, 2013 - Moving Expert
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