8 Reasons You Need To Move

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8 Times When Moving is the Only Option

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Moving is a stressful process. It takes a lot of planning and organization, so it is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes, people are up for the challenge, hoping to improve upon their situations. Other times, people cower at the thought of moving, accepting their unfortunate circumstances as something they can't change. However, there are those times when moving seems like the only option -- because, in all of these cases, it is.

1. When your kids feel under-appreciated

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It is always unfortunate when irreparable damage is done to your home -- whether it be from extreme weather conditions, flooding or disgruntled children. There are times when these disasters cannot be predicted nor prevented, and those instances are truly tragic. But there are also times when this type of situation is completely avoidable, when you can pretend your daughter's drawing of your cat is the best piece of art you've ever seen in your life. Otherwise, you better get packing.

2. When there's a spider in the bathroom!

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"I shouldn't have gone in there. Don't go in there."

What? A SPIDER? IN THE BATHROOM?!?! Close the door to trap it in there, then pack your stuff and get the heck out. Think about it for a second: Nothing good can come of you staying in your current home. You use the bathroom to shower, shave, brush your teeth, use the toilet -- so many things! And now there's a spider in it. It's tainted. Cut your losses and move on.

3. When your town has become the North Pole

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You enjoy the seasons. You like the flowers in the spring even though you have allergies, you like the beach in the summer even though you burn easily. You even like the leaves when they change colors in the fall. You did like the magic of the winter, the way your kids' faces lit up every time they'd see snow. But enough is enough. Winter came -- what feels like decades ago -- and the groundhog never saw its shadow because it caught the last train south. Sure, you get a day off from work here and there, but at what cost? Most of the time, you have to clean off your car and brave the storm anyway. Where do you go from here?

We hear the Carolinas are nice.

4. When a better opportunity comes your way

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You may be happy with your current situation. You have plenty of friends, your extended family doesn't live too far away and the kids are thriving in school. Your income is steady, but you have your eyes set on something... better. Then, BOOM. You find a job across the state, out of state or on the other side of the country. You don't want to uproot the life you and your family have built, but you know the opportunity is one you can't pass up. Professionally and financially, it's what you've always dreamed you'd have. Your spouse and kids might hate you, but you can use some of your new salary to buy them video games, a new car and maybe even a puppy. They'll get over it.

5. When your house is too small

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Maybe you're planning on having children. Maybe you're about to move in with your significant other, who has children of his/her own. Maybe your current home won't be able to accommodate the whole bunch of people who will soon be living under its roof. To avoid having too full of a house and getting on each other's nerves, it might be better to relocate. A fresh start can be beneficial for a growing family, strengthening your bond during the adjustment process.

6. When you have bad neighbors

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It's no secret that neighbors can be less than ideal. Most of the time, you can deal with it and ignore them as much as possible. But when they consistently put a damper on your day and begin to affect your family's happiness, it could be time to make a change. Your options are to either move far, far away or embark on a prank war with your neighbors until they move away/actually become close friends of yours. Choose wisely.

7. When you want to see more/less of your family

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Your family is probably great, but maybe you need a break from them. Perhaps you want to go out on your own and start a new life. If you're tired of drama and constant unannounced visits, you might relocate to another state for some much-needed privacy. On the other side of that coin, you may currently live far away from your loved ones. If you want to see them more often and be able to spend more time with extended family members, you might want to move within driving distance of them. Either way, they'll always be your family and that's something you can't change.

8. When your commute is unbearable

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Traffic is the worst. If you drive to and from work every day, you understand that. If you use public transportation to get to the office, then you also understand the misery of commuting. For many people, the ideal situation would be to roll out of bed and be steps away from work. So, if you can't work from home, then living closer to the office is the next best thing -- especially if you live in an area where snowfall is common.

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on March 6, 2015

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