Tips for Organizing Your Belongings Using a Color Code

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How to Color Code Your Move

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We all know how important organization is when planning and preparing for a move. One of the best ways to go about the process is to color-code your boxes to correspond to different rooms in your new home. By using varied colors to categorize your belongings, you can help make your job-- and the job of the movers--much easier.

Assigning colors to each room

  • Obtain a floor plan from your new house and assign a color to each room or region of the home. If you don't have access to a floor plan, draw a basic version to use as a reference.
  • Choose a distinct color for each room. Make sure you don't pick two colors that are too similar to avoid confusion. Sticking with your basic red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple will allow you to keep everything separated and well-organized.

Color-coding your moving boxes

Once you've designated a color to each room of your new, you can begin packing – moving from room-to-room. After you've finished packing each box, color-code it using one of several methods:
  • Obtain colored packing tape from a moving supply store to use on your boxes – if you've designated the kitchen as red, then all kitchen-related items will be packed in boxes with red tape, and so on.
  • Use colored stickers that are available at any office supply store to place on the boxes. Since the stickers are smaller, make sure to place one on each side of the box so that the movers can easily tell which color zone the box belongs when unloading the truck.
  • Use colored markers to mark the boxes. Like the stickers, remember to write on each side of the boxes with the colored markers to make sure that your labels are visible.

Coordinating with your movers

Once you've packed all of your belongings and color-coded the boxes, you can coordinate with your movers to make sure they understand your system and walk them through the process on moving day.

Make a key for your movers to reference while they are hauling your boxes inside. List all of the rooms in your house, and place a piece of colored tape or sticker next to the room's name. Hang the key in a highly visible place near your home's entrance.

TIP: If your home is multiple levels, place a key on each floor.

By color-coding your boxes, your movers will know exactly where each box belongs, allowing them to unload the truck quickly and efficiently. It will be much easier to unpack your belongings with every box in its appropriate room.

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on October 30, 2013 - Moving Expert
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