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Should You Help Your Movers?

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Moving day is one of the most important--and stressful--days that most people will experience in their lifetime. There is so much going on, before, during and after the move, that it's easy to get caught up in the madness and become overwhelmed. That's why it's such a good idea to hire a professional moving team to assist you with your move and take care of all the heavy lifting while you focus on the other aspects of the move.

There's a certain sense of relief in knowing that you have true professional movers on hand to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, but that often leaves many people wondering what they can do to help their movers on moving day. This guide will provide you with some helpful tips on what you can do to offer your movers assistance during the move, whether it's by lending an extra hand or providing them with much-needed refreshments after a hard day's work.

Help carry some of the load

When it comes to the actual process of moving your belongings from your home into the moving truck, your movers will most likely not need your help. They come prepared to work and they operate most efficiently when they can get the job done without anyone getting in their way. Remember, they're experienced and trained professionals who have moved quite a few couches and dressers up and down stairs in their careers and they should have no problem at all getting the job done.

Your movers have likely done this job hundreds of times before, so you can pretty much guarantee that they have a definitive plan for how to load and unload the truck. However, it can't hurt to ask if they need your assistance with anything. Some objects or pieces of furniture may require a few extra hands that they didn't anticipate. Also, carrying some of your lighter, more manageable boxes out of the house and placing them outside near the truck so the movers can easily load them when they're ready is another great way to help out without really getting in the way.

So if you feel like you're standing around with your hands on your hips and nothing to do, volunteer to carry a few boxes or pieces of furniture that will lighten the load for your movers and speed things along a little bit.

Offer refreshments

Your movers are people too, which means that they're going to get thirsty during the move--all of that physical labor is probably enough for them to work up an appetite as well. Don't be afraid to offer them some cool refreshing beverages or a snack while they're moving to show your appreciation.

Moving is a tough job and your movers are likely to be tired and sweaty after a long day's work of moving boxes and furniture. Help them take a load off and replenish  electrolytes with a nice cold glass of water, lemonade,or  iced tea. Nothing helps a mover push through those last few boxes like a nice big swig of an ice cold drink.

If the move is a long one and creeping close to dinnertime, ask the movers if they'd like to eat. Ordering a pizza or other take-out food is a good way to pay back your movers for a job well-done. If you and your movers are simply too busy for a big meal, a couple of snacks will go a long way and your generosity will certainly not go unnoticed. All in all, it will help to make the whole moving process a lot less stressful on everyone.

Keep your home safe

On moving day, and every other day for that matter, safety is the number one priority. You always want to make sure that you and your movers are safe and kept out of harm's way throughout the entire moving process--especially when they're carrying heavy boxes, furniture and appliances. One loose wire or upturned carpet in the hallway can spell disaster if a mover carrying a big-screen TV trips over it and falls.

Your movers are likely to be walking back and forth, in and out of the house several dozen times, and they'll often be carrying heavy boxes and even heavier furniture. The best way to help them out during this process and avoid making their job more difficult (and more dangerous) is to make sure that you have a clear and obstruction-free walking path into and out of your house.

Clearing your sidewalk and front yard area of any debris or lawn decorations that may stray into the movers' path will help make sure your movers avoid injuring themselves by tripping over something while they're carrying a heavy object. Also, if you have children or a family pet, make sure there aren't any stray toys scattered around that can cause an unwanted accident.

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on March 3, 2013

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