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State Moving Requirements

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While the federal government regulates all interstate moves, local moves are regulated by the individual states in which a motor carrier operates. These requirements also apply to long-distance movers when passing through the individual states.

There are tremendous variations in licensing requirements from state to state. For instance, certain states do not require movers to be licensed there. Over half of all states require that local movers have US DOT numbers. In order to best understand these complex regulations, here is a summary of the licensing requirements in each individual state.

TIP: Registration requirements can change frequently, and the latest updates might not be included on this list. Check your state's department of transportation website for updated information, and, for interstate moves, check all the states through which you will be passing.

State Licensing Required U.S. DOT Required? Website
Alabama APSC Number; must file rates with state PSC YES
Alaska N/A YES
Arizona Must declare vehicle gross weight to the state DOT YES
Arkansas Must have a Bingo Stamp NO
California CPUC Number NO
Colorado HHG license for household goods and PRC license as a property carrier YES
Connecticut CPTC Number NO
Delaware Permit proving vehicle registration NO
Florida IM Number for local movers; MV and MR Numbers for long-distance movers YES
Georgia GPSC Number YES
Hawaii PUC Number NO
Idaho State registration with Idaho DOT NO
Illinois ILCC Number NO
Indiana IHGC Number YES
Iowa IOWAMC Number YES
Kansas MCID Number YES
Kentucky KYU Number, KIT Number & IFTA license YES
Louisiana Common Carrier Certificate and a Bingo Stamp NO
Maine N/A YES
Maryland N/A YES
Massachusetts MDPU Number NO
Michigan MPSC Number YES
Minnesota MNDOT Number YES
Mississippi MSPC Number NO
Missouri MODOT Number YES
Montana PSC Number YES
Nebraska Form A (for household goods movers) and Form H (for cargo movers and insurance) NO
Nevada CPCN Number NO
New Hampshire NHPC Number NO
New Jersey NJPC or NJPM Number NO
New Mexico PRC Number NO
New York NYDOT Number YES
North Carolina NCUC-C Number NO
North Dakota ND State Number NO
Ohio PUCO Number YES
Oklahoma Intrastate license with PIN YES
Oregon CAHG Number YES
Pennsylvania PUC Number NO
Rhode Island N/A NO
South Carolina SCP-SC Number YES
South Dakota N/A YES
Tennessee Bingo Stamp for interstate moves YES
Texas TXDOT Number NO
Utah N/A YES
Vermont N/A NO
Virginia VA DMV Permit NO
Washington WTC Number YES
West Virginia WVCPCN Number YES
Wisconsin LC Number YES
Wyoming DOC Number YES
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on August 27, 2009 - Moving Expert
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