Top 10 U.S. Cities to Consider When Planning a Move

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Top 10 Cities to Move To

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Top 10 Cities to Move To

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America is diverse - you can travel just 50 miles from your current location and experience all new sights and sounds. No matter where you go, you'll always find something new, and regardless of your interests, you'll find a place that feels like home.

Every American city is unique and has something to offer, so you may not know where to start if you're considering a new location. Take a look below at the current top 10 most popular cities to move to, and if you decide that one of them is right for you, get your move started here at by filling out our free quotes form.

10. Grand Rapids, Michigan

When it comes to Michigan, Detroit seems to get all of the attention these days - both good and bad. However, Grand Rapids has a lot to offer, like its great school system and strong local economy, for starters. Plus, its proximate location to two major universities (Michigan State University and the University of Michigan) and the eastern shores of Lake Michigan make Grand Rapids a desirable destination for people who want big city amenities with a small city feel.

9. Raleigh, North Carolina

The capital of North Carolina, Raleigh is located in the "Triangle" area of the state, and is regularly featured on various top 10 lists of the best places to live. The most attractive quality of Raleigh is the plentiful employment opportunities that await you. Research Triangle Park is a well-known business park in the city that includes work in the biotechnology and telecommunications fields. With major universities like Duke University and the University of North Carolina located close by, it's an ideal place to settle down.

8. Boulder, Colorado

As far as scenery goes, there aren't many places on this list that can compete with Boulder. Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is an excellent place for people who love outdoor activities, especially skiing, snowboarding or camping. The picturesque scenery isn't the city's only draw -- it also boasts a growing local economy and a stable community that welcomes everyone.

7. Omaha, Nebraska

The industrial sector in Omaha is rapidly growing, creating many new job opportunities and quickly making Omaha one of the best places in the country for young professionals to find a career. The city's location on the Missouri River has made it one of the prime agricultural and transportation centers in all of the Midwest. The city only continues to grow, making it an extremely attractive place to relocate.

6. Chicago, Illinois

The "Second City" refuses to settle for being second in anything. Chicago takes pride in being one of the most diverse cities in the nation, apparent in its eclectic neighborhoods and plentiful dining options. From some of the best restaurants in the country to its endless supply of top-notch entertainment and bustling economy, Chicago is the epitome of big city life. Add in a great public transportation system, top-notch schools and plenty of opportunities for recreation, and you can see why Chicago is on this list.

5. Charlotte, North Carolina

The second city on this list from North Carolina, Charlotte is an up-and-coming city on the East Coast. One of the major financial centers in the United States, it is home to the headquarters of Bank of America and Wells Fargo, among other notable financial institutions. With tons of outdoor activities, including over 40 golf courses and an affordable real estate market, the Queen City is an ideal place to relocate.

4. Portland, Oregon

Another major up-and-coming city--especially popular with the millennial generation-- is Portland. The increasing popularity of the Northwest has been responsible for a major resurgence in the city. With a growing economy and plenty of employment opportunities (especially in the technology sector), Portland is fast becoming one of the best cities in the country to live.

3. San Francisco, California

San Francisco's charm is no secret. It's been a popular place for young people to move and settle down since the 1960s, and the cultural diversity that existed then still permeates today. The city by the bay is another major player in the tech industry, with big names in the tech world having moved out to San Fran to set up shop. With a booming local economy, great food, entertainment opportunities and plenty of recreation for everyone, San Francisco is the place to be.

2. Seattle, Washington

The home of Starbucks and rainy weather is also becoming one of the most popular cities in the country--thanks to the one-of-a-kind living experience and unique cultural perspective that the city of Seattle offers. From the famous Pike Place Market to many great restaurants, cafes and locally-grown food, Seattle has a little something to offer everyone who moves there. Despite the frequent rain and cloudy weather, the city's location in the Pacific Northwest offers plenty of opportunities for nature enthusiasts to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes.

1. Austin, Texas

Appearing on just about every top 10 list published in the last few years, Austin isn't flying under anyone's radar. Nonetheless, this vibrant and colorful Texas city always has a few surprises up its sleeve. From its world-class music scene to its rocking nightlife and collection of top-notch bars and restaurants, you'll never have trouble finding a good time in Austin. An increasing number of technology companies are beginning to call Austin home, and their presence in the city has opened up many job opportunities and revitalized the local economy.

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on September 13, 2013 - Moving Expert
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