What is a Tree Mover and What Do They Do?

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Tree Movers

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If you have a favorite tree somewhere in your yard, you can actually bring that tree with you when you move. There are special moving companies whose only job is to transplant trees from one place to another. No matter how large the tree is, there are movers available to bring it to your new home.

Consider the expense

Moving a tree, especially a large one, isn't a small project. Since trees' roots can stretch deep underground, tree movers have to use hydraulic spades and other equipment to extract, transport, and replant them. The cost of this service can be quite high, depending on the size of the tree and how many you want to move. Should you decided to hire a tree mover, make sure you get multiple estimates in order to get the best price possible.

Finding a tree mover

Look online to find tree movers in your area. Select a few that provide the specific service you need (conventional tree transplant, large tree transplant, giant tree transplant, etc.) and then compare prices and track records. Just as with any other mover, you'll want to make sure that your tree mover is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation.

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The tree moving process

The process may vary slightly from one company to the next, but this should give you an idea of what to look for from your tree mover.

First, the tree movers will prepare the receiving site. They'll make sure all obstructions are cleared and then dig a hole for the tree and its roots.

Second, a large device, called a tree spade, is backed up to and placed around the tree. The large, hydraulic powered arms (called "blades") of the device then dig out the tree and scoop it up.

Next, the tree, along with the tree spade, is loaded and secured onto a truck and is transported to the new location.

Finally, the tree spade and tree are lowered into the receiving hole. The tree spade has controls that allow the movers to make sure the tree is level. Once the tree is in its proper place, the blades of the tree spade are withdrawn, and any open areas of ground around the tree are filled in.

If you want to see exactly what the tree excavation and replanting process looks like.

Many tree moving services offer post-transplant care options. Using their expertise in this area will help ensure that your tree takes root and flourishes in its new home.

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on November 18, 2009

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