How to Use Moving Labels, Stickers and Lists to Organize Your Belongings

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Using Labels, Stickers, and Lists

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Placing your belongings into a cardboard box is only half the battle. Labels, stickers, and lists provide another level of packing organization. It is important to communicate the contents of your boxes to your movers before you move. Additionally, knowing what items reside in every box and container can make your relocation efficient and more manageable.

How to label

Many people place labels on various items, ranging from prescription bottles to plastic bags. The purpose is all the same – to highlight important details about what is inside a container. Placing a label on a box or other container is important, but how you orient the label can be just as important.

The label has to be affixed to the most visible part of the box from the mover's perspective. If your mover is lifting a box from a stack, then putting a label on the top of the box can make it easier to read. For boxes situated on the floor, a label might be most readable on the sides of your box.

Make sure that you are effectively labeling by including on the box or container the following information:
  • A description of the box's contents
  • A general indication of the box's weight (i.e. heavy, light, medium, etc.)
  • The word "FRAGILE" written on a box that contains breakable or special items
  • Information about where the box should be placed once it arrives at your new home

Label options

You can create labels from materials like paper, fabric, and plastic. If you decide to print or write your labels on paper, using different colors and fonts can help you differentiate each container. Paper labels can be affixed to your boxes with glue or tape or secured to your box with string.

There may be items that you don't want to store in a cardboard box and need to have immediate access to once you reach your new home. These items are often stored in larger carrying containers, like suitcases, large handbags, backpacks, or duffle bags.

Many leather and plastic tags come with paper interiors for writing information, but you can also use the color or texture of the tag to label your loose containers. For example, you could tell the mover not to place your bags with leather tags into the truck or not to pack those bags with blue plastic tags. If you have a specific labeling process, you might want to give your mover those details before your move.

Stickers and decals

Not only can you purchase pre-made stickers for moving, but you can make your own stickers and decals. While some decals are considered stickers, other decals provide a more permanent layer of labeling for your plastic containers. This is useful for storage containers that you will still have a need for in your new home. For example, if you have certain shoes that you store each season, then you may find that keeping a shoe container is useful throughout the year.

Pre-made stickers will save you time designing stickers on your own and can still serve the same purpose as the stickers you created.You can help your boxes reach their destination by giving the same color stickers for specific rooms.


Making a list of items contained in each box can help you remember your boxes' contents after your move and give you a bit more privacy before your move. Instead of listing your items on the outside of each box, you could assign letters or numbers to your containers that would correspond to a written description on your list. This will also cut down on the quantity of labels and stickers that you would otherwise use to describe the box's contents.

Creating a numeric or alphabetized list can also help you organize your belongings. For example, you could ask the movers to put those boxes labeled letters A to K in your kitchen and from L to P in your bedroom.

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on August 27, 2009 - Moving Expert
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