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Damaged goods local moving in Marysville WA
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I hired this company to move me approximately two blocks,and I did not have a good experience. They damaged a $13,000 heirloom table and broke my washing machine. When I called about the broken washing machine,the owner/operator decided that the washing machine was "electronics" and I hadn't run a load for him before the move to prove that it worked. It should be noted that he showed up 1 1/2 hours late for the move,did not tell me that I needed to demonstrate that my appliances worked. (We moved all of the actual electronics ourselves.) While he initially sounded like he was going to do the right thing with the washer,he reexamined the contract overnight and declared the washing machine "electronics." They do not take apart heavy furniture to move it properly,which is how my table was damaged. They installed my washer and dryer improperly,so I'm going to have to hire someone else to swap them over (the doors open into each other,so it's very difficult to do laundry.) We had to move the bunkbeds because the crew set them up with the railing against the wall so that my child could fall off the top bunk. They cut every corner they could to increase profit and it's not their stuff,so they don't care if it's broken. Don't trust that this guy is a professional and knows what he's doing.

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Origin:Marysville, WA
Destination:Marysville, WA
Quoted Price:$1,600.00
Actual Price:$1,600.00

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