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It was just not a good experience moving from Lincoln NE to Bennet NE
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It was a mess. They were sloppy. They didn't care where they put stuff even though everything was marked. It was like I wanna hurry up and get this over with and get out of here.

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Origin:Lincoln, NE
Destination:Bennet, NE
Move Size:3 Bedroom
Appx. Move Dt.:6/29/2017
Notes:Will be moving furniture from main level as well as from the basement. No appliances but we do have a pinball machine. We also have a double stall garage and a storage shed. We have two storage units full of boxes that are marked and ready to be moved also.

Approximate Moving Inventory: Appliances - Refrigerator(CuCp) 7 to 10 cu.ft. 1, Vacuum Cleaner 1, Bedroom - Bed, King 1, Bed, Standard Double 1, Chest 1, Dresser, Triple 1, Night Table 2, Kitchen - Breakfast Suite, Chairs 6, Breakfast Table 1, Living Room - Chair, Occasional 2, Chair, Overstuffed 2, Curio Cabinet 1, Lamp, Floor 2, Sofa, 3 Cushion 1, Sofa, 4 Cushion Hide-Away 1, Sofa, Per Section 1, Stereo, Console 1, Tables, Dropl/Occasional 2, Tables, End 6, TV Stand 1, TV, 19" to 42" 1, TV, 42" or Above Big Screen 1, Plasma TV, 50 inches and larger 1, Misc. - Bicycle 1, Filing Cabinet 2 doors 1, Filing Cabinet 4 door 1, Folding Chairs 4, Gas/Electric Heater 2, Golf Bag 1, Office Desk 1, Suitcase 4, Table, Game 1, Toolchest, Large 1, Trash Can 2, Wastepaper Basket 4, Work Bench 1, Porch and Outdoor - BBQ Grill Large 1, Chairs, Metal 4, Chairs, Wood 6, Glider or Settee 1, Ladder, 8' Metal 1, Lawn Mover, Power 1, Table, Small 1, Whellbarrow 1

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