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It was really good local moving in Smyrna GA
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They were good the only this is I wish they would've moved a little more like I had to ask them to wrap my furniture, they didn't do it and that was the issue I had; they should've done it without me having to ask, but they were really good, like on a scale from 1 to 5 I would probably give them a 4.5. I kept the card so I'll use them when I'm moving out of my storage unit in the next couple months. The timing was really good and they didn't damage anything. I have all white furniture and they ran out of shrink wrap so I was a little irritated by that, but it's fine. They were priced a little lower than the other companies and they stuck to their pricing

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Origin:Smyrna, GA
Destination:Smyrna, GA
Move Size:2 Bedroom
Appx. Move Dt.:11/2/2017

Approximate Moving Inventory: Appliances - Diswasher 1, Dryer 1, Bedroom - Bed, Queen 1, Bed, Standard Double 1, Box, Medium 2, Dresser, Double 1, Dresser, Triple 1, Dining Room - Dining Chair 4, Dining Table 1, Living Room - Sofa, 3 Cushion 1, Sofa, Per Section 1

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All My Sons-Atlanta
245 Hembree Park Drive, Ste 114
Roswell, GA 30076, USA


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